Engineers Without Borders

University of Mississippi

EWB General Meeting Minutes:

February 13, 2018

7:00 pm — Brevard 134


  • Welcome with Valentine’s Day icebreaker with pizza and drinks!
    • David Thomas (Outgoing President) – Fundraising updates
      • We had our first teleconference with Ecuador!


  • Makena Tisor (VP) – Pizza sale update/reflection, Locals Night information
    • Olivia Wagg (Secretary) – Newsletter


  • Tyler Butler (Treasurer) – T-shirt sales results
  • Voting for “Exercise for Ecuador” event tees vs tanks
      • Tanks Win!!


  • Jay (Incoming President) – introduction to committees
      • Lena Turner and Josh Brenc – fundraising
      • Carly Huguley – marketing


  • Megan Staffieri and William Horner – domestic and international design
  • Leeta Ann and Pradnya Landge – outreach




  • Domestic & International design
      • EWB USA grants available
      • Currently searching for domestic projects
      • Detailing the first Ecuador assessment trip


  • Fundraising
      • Upcoming bake sale planned for the week after spring break (March 19-23)
      • 5K – aiming to be hosted in the Grove in April, details to follow
      • Gala – planning for the Lyric in April
      • EWB debit card – Regions or credit union
      • Bowling night in March or April


  • Marketing
      • Spread the word about Locals night (02/15) and documentary screening (02/22)


  • Boys and Girls Club Community Garden
  • Ideas for new projects or serving as a community


  • Spread the Locals Night flyer (pdf is attached!)
  • Volunteer for Locals Night signup (we need someone taking cover at the door)