Engineers Without Borders

University of Mississippi

EWB General Meeting Minutes:

September 26, 2017

7:00 pm — Brevard 134


  • Welcome
  • Introduce:
    • Fundraising Chair (Alex Myrick)
    • Student Outreach Chair (Jay Deep Rao)
    • Corporate Outreach Chair (Alex Vaughn)
  • Madeline Mixon OrgSync points presentation
    • Demonstration by David
  • T-Shirt sale announcement (Alex Myrick)
    • Link attached for sign up
  • Website Presentation
    • URL is not live yet, should be within the next week
  • EWB National Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (David Thomas)
  • Announcement: David Carroll will be speaking on resumes and interview advice this Thursday from 5:30-7 in Anderson 21.
  • Second Community Announcement (Butler)
    • Input needed for selection during next meeting
  • Announcement- Career Fair next Tuesday, 10/3
  • Committee Meetings
  • Ships and Sailors!!!