Engineers Without Borders

University of Mississippi

EWB General Meeting Minutes:

September 12, 2017

7:00 pm – Brevard 134


  • Welcome/Introduction


  • Recap of EWB UT-Martin Tailgate


  • Points system presentation

-Members need 8 points to be “Active Member” at end of semester

-1 hour = 1 point (hours can be weighed differently)

-5 meetings remaining (5 points to earn)

-External committee meetings also count towards points


Active Members Perks

-Better chance for leadership/traveling

-Top members will win rewards (tbd but they’ll be good)


Points Opportunities

-Meeting attendance (general & committee)

-Event volunteering (tailgate, t-shirt sales, etc.)

-Setting up EWB connections


  • Rock, paper, scissors tournament!!


  • Committee Meetings

-Introduction and explanation of goals/future plans for committees

-No meeting for marketing


Post Meeting Task:

-Email ideas to for new project locations (preference for South America) to our email address at

-See new community applications and requirements at