Engineers Without Borders

University of Mississippi

EWB General Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017

7:00 pm — Brevard 134


    • Welcome
    • Alex Myrick – T-Shirt Report
      • Sold 50+ t-shirts ~ $1,100
      • T-shirt design competition (winner gets a free t-shirt)
    • Madeline Mixon – T-Shirt Points Presentation
      • Jared Foster is in the lead with 8 points!


  • Paige Lohman & Madeline Mixon – Points Incentive System


      • Rewards given to members with top points


  • Milwaukee Travel Team – Video and Conference Recap


    • Potential partnership with Auburn for domestic project
  • Nick Arnold and Makena Tisor – Website, Facebook, Twitter Presentation
  • Nick Streib, Alex Vaughn, Jay Deep Rao Outreach Update
    • If you are involved in other organizations, we would like your help in reaching out to these organizations for sponsorship.
    • Points will be rewarded for giving class presentations about EWB.
    • Need volunteers to assist in handing out water during Vanderbilt game
  • David Carroll Announcement
    • Guest speaker for next meeting, 10/24
  • All Member Retreat
    • Bowling Night- purposed date of Thursday, 11/9
  • Group Game: Rainstorm
  • Committee Meetings to Plan Meeting Times
    • Committee Game: ┬áMeet a partner, ask personal info, introduce to a friend